Thursday, September 2, 2010

Juliet Naked

Above are other covers for the book.

Just bought this book.
I know, it is kinda like a year late.
Love Nick Hornby books.
A Long Way Down
About A Boy[ Movie ]
basically all of it.

"Juliet, Naked is a novel by the British author Nick Hornby, released on 29 September 2009 byRiverhead Books.[1] It tells the story of Annie, the long-suffering girlfriend of obsessed music fan Duncan, and the object of his obsession, fictional reclusive singer-songwriter Tucker Crowe. The plot revolves around the release of Juliet, Naked, the first new Tucker Crowe release in over two decades. The novel has been compared with Hornby's debut novel, High Fidelity.[2]
Hornby has identified parenting,[3] love, and relationships[4] as themes in Juliet, Naked."- Wikipedia

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I am starting tonight!



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