Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shopaholics i met and i liked! : RECEIVED!

Have you read my previous entry on ilovesnackfood?

Well TADA!.
I have received the notebook 2 weeks ago.
So sorry that i could not blog it earlier.
The cable went missing and all.
The blog owner is so kind to me,
she gave me a few stickers!

I wanted to meet her at Urbanscapes 2010,
but due to a preplanned programme that i forgot about [ that is so me nowadys!]
i could not go.[sobsobsob]

Anyway, this notebook is in the best size to fit in your bag [ even a clutch!]

What am i going to do with it?.
i think it will be a book of my wishlist[s]

Things that i want to buy and things that are just so neat and awesome that i can't afford.

click on ilovesnackfood  to take a look at more notebooks!



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