Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Buku Tiga5

My first few experiences using this small cute notebook was waiting for the Mamak Roti to pass my house.

I would 'command' him to stop in various ways.
[ you wouldn't want to know]
Clutched in my hand would be this notebook.
I would take what ever i desire from the Mamak Roti's motorcycle.
[even though my arwah TOK would say - " Eh! Jangan ambik banyak sangat!" ]
From cream filled buns to DingDang.
After the Mamak Roti calculated the price,
he would jot down the total amount in this book.
By the end of each month,
My mummy would pay him accordingly.

So imagine what was in my mind when i saw this book [ in a different paperback]at Popular Bookstore!
It is sold in a packet of 5.So what am i using it for , now?Hahahahaha..

You see, i LOVE to spend.

i LOVE shopping [ with my hard earn money ya!]

So i guess after paying off 3 credit cards,
I have decided that it my turn to jot down what i have spend my money on.

pic of Mamak Roti taken from



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