Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Have you read Why Mars & Venus Collide : Improving Relationships by Understanding How men and Women Cope Differently with Stress?

I will blog on it and provide some extracts from the book to share what i find not only interesting but also important to know.

It will all be under the label MarsVenus ya!

Single Focus on Mars / Multitasking on Venus

Many have debated on this. Well in my family we like to joke around on how my dad is unable to multitask. He would sit in front of the PC and nothing can distract him.
So when i read this section in the book, i started to laugh and remember moments when my mother would continue talking while my dad sit and do nothing. Hahahaha...

" Men to do one thing at a time in their brains and in life."

" Leaving a man alone and ignoring him is sometimes the best way to support him"

"On Mars, if a man can's solve a problem, his way of coping is to forget about it until he can do something aboout it."

"On Venus, if a woman can't solve a peoblem, then she feels ,'Atleast we can talk about it'
Talking with someone who cares about her well-being has the power to stimulare the NEUROTRANSMITTERS needed to reduce stress levels in a woman's brain. By remembering her problems, a woman can actually free herself form their gripping hold on her and her mood"

Hence from the above we can see how man is able to put aside their problems and focus on more important things while women need to yak and yak about their problems..



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