Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my Bag from Sogo

Remember my entry on Sogo's Sale last week?
Well i bought this yesterday actually.
And it is sold at the same price during SALE!
the catch here is,
that is the last piece!
Lucky me!!!

I could not buy it during last Friday's lunch break.
I had to rush back home due to some family matters.

But being able to buy for rm33.80 makes me as happy as a lark!

It comes in two straps [ as always - in fashion right?!]
It's size is like a big clutch.
Just enough for my iPhone, purse, meds, and the essential chocolate bar!
[ yes i do keep a chocolate bar in my handbag- apart from it comes in handy when i meet my  friends' kids, it can fill my empty tummy during some crisis]

By the way,
the real reason i went to SOGO yesterday is to buy my hubby long sleeve shirts.
His new office requires him to wear it.
If you know my hubby,
you will definitely have heard him saying
"i will never wear those"
But i guess, abg...

You would not believe the price of a shirt sold there.
Below rm20 each!
Please do not ask me how many i bought for him.
[since he owns like 1 long sleeve shirt before yesterday]

I am not promoting SOGO ya.
Just to spread the word.
IN CASE you need a cute handbag and some shirts...


By the way,
Happay Wednesday Morning!



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