Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#OctTwtFest 2011 23/10/2011

Let us meet up. Enjoy each others' company. Gain new friends. 
and for me

to have fun and release my stress.

hope to meet my twitter friends there.

do add me @sizarifalina if you hve twitter.

About OctTwtFest

What is a twtup (pronounced as tweet-up)? Twtup is a meet-up/gathering for people who are connected through Twitter. The idea of a twtup is to meet new people and meet new friends all over Malaysia. OctTwtFest is a continuation of Oct23rdTwtup that was held on 23rd Oct 2010. Because of the overwhelming response from the tweeps (residents of Twitter), we have decided to make this as an annual event for social media goers.

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see you there!

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