Sunday, October 9, 2011

My old life - with photos

[with the band members]
I miss me.
I want me back badly.
Sitting alone in my room either watching DVDs or read a book.
Sometimes I would mark papers (students') where I would some time just have to laugh out loud once or twice.
Their essays can be soo grammatically incorrect that it gives a total different meaning.

In my cargo pants, baseball shirt, hijab and bandana, keys in hand I would walk around the boarding school.
I was suprisingly a - warden.
Alot adored me as many as those whom hated my guts.
Some would not even look at me.
Well you see, I am not your typical teacher.
Maybe a typical English Language Teacher.
We tend to differ from the norm.
Bag pack,crocs,cotton baju kurung, hijab and bandana.
Black plastic glasses.
Sometime my iPod would be on.
I am the drama team advisor, which made my reputation quite cuckoo.hahahaha.
Hazwan used to tail me everywhere I went at mrsm taiping for the finals.
He won the best actor award btw.
And the gang was awesome in deed.

Then I was the an advisor for two bands.very underground.
We had to fully equipt studio one each for the boys and girls to jam all the way.
We performed.
But one things that I can never forget is that, I had to climb up to cover the huge speaker as it was it started to rain.
And the band members? No where to be seen.
So hence, the new black guitar that I am soo old to tune it up.
Dah Nya yuk dah NIH. Nak tune guitar sendiri pon macam toooooot.

I used to play tennis with Azlan, Mann, Manaf & Arifah in the evenings.
A good workout for me.the best sleeping pills actually.
Or I would just watch the boys play football or something like that.that was in 2002.
The footballers would enter the fields with a less that 30 giggling girls watching them. CHEWAH!
Mann would buy me stuff from the tiny shop during kudap as I would seldom leave my table.
2003 it was Hazwan and Azlan.
Hazwan wrote me poems while I was lecturing in a hall filled with hmmm wait 7*25: 175 students.

[reunion at mrsm kubu baru]

In 2005, I did a huge mistake. I sang on stage.
And that had this telinga capang tall very QHI like boy who would tease me each time he passes by.
In the end I knew that he was the one who left flowers ( plucked from the school garden) and place it on my table.

 Oh ya , during my final year in MRSMBP, I was the assistant teacher advisor for the rugby team!
It was hilarious but I had tons of fun, traveling back in a bus filled with drenched perspiring rugby players.
Ami would visit me during kudap and also after  his fiasco with the USTAZ! he hid next to my table then. to scared to walk back to class.hahahaha.

But seriously, I there is a spot next to my table where girls and boys would sit and pour their problems of al sorts. From BF/GF , family to MONEY!....yeah i 'loan' them money. expected nothing for return. well , they are kids kan?!

[ my visit back to my table ]

TAPI! Syafiq fadhly belanja me Chilis and he does not owe me any money.

The girls...

I had EL and the geng.[ the band ]
Risha and the geng.[ the potpet]
Sharifah Nazwin [ the bracelet ]
Juliana [India ]
Melissa [ the girl who came to my wedding with a coach bag!]
Mariam [ ubat batuk ]
My homeroom kids
Drama girls - Dilla and the geng [ Haiyo! we had a super awesome possum trip ]

The couple
I want to mention only one here!  because they are now married! e-joy and....Baiti you naughty boy. i still remember what you said about your wifey k!

[my farewell lunch with the english language unit ]



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