Sunday, October 23, 2011

#OctTwtFest 2001 Part1

First and fore most..i would like to thank @karrotgold for making this happen!

and we shared a birthday cake together!

not only that we alsoooooo....

and earned the swarm badge in foursquare!

and here are things i brought home!

this guy here is JOE!....met him via twitter...sebab petknode...and we became friends...and is so concern about my DEPRESSION that he told MissFazura about  it!

seriously tak tahu , kenapa bila masuk blog jer , gambar nih senget!

and here are the Kartellohello family - minus Kamal...[ tak sempat nak ambik gambar]

 We would tweet daily .... Altimet & Ila & I...

Very down to earth people!

Free Single CD - signed by Ila and Joe Flizzow....UNTUKMU!



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