Monday, September 5, 2011

"I am back at work since Friday!"

Yup, Last Friday was a working day for me.

Giler super sunyi but then nak buat cam mana, due to my health i dah tak banyak cuti tinggal.

So I am now at work and ready to persue my father's dream of me becoming a writer.

Ishk! entah dari biler he kept going on and on that I should write.

Write about anything.

Write about Islam.

Write about teaching.

Seriously it is a b ig task for me since I am not a master of all trades.

One needs to be knowledgable to present or write a good argument or opinion on paper.

Research needs to  be done in order to back up our story.

So what say you?

What should my first piece be?...

Anyway - Welcome back to our daily routine people!



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