Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PPUM & my parents.

This afternoon , my parents picked me up to accompay me to PPUM.

After the last visit, I don't want to be in the waiting room alone.

So, my parents accompanied me for support.

We had lunch at the cafe in PPUM.

My parents would be here at least once a month for their checkups.

And my dad's favourite dish would be the MEE REBUS!

Super sedap and cheap!


Oh ya! This is me. I was patient number 4. Took a short nap on my dad's lap.

Hihihihi..Daddy's girl.

But I would sleep on my mom's when I was in school.

We wou;d be  on our journey back home after my mom's office hours.

So yes, It is true when someone I know said that - the richest people on earth are those who have supportive parents.

I love you Mummy & Daddy!




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