Friday, May 27, 2011

less than 26 hours!

Note: This was written on Wednesday :)

Hmmmmm...3 more days to go ( i have decided to stop counting my pathetic days- BAZINGA!) .

My sister has 3 more days...and we have 3 more days to prepare for her GRAND WEDDING!

GULP! yes now i am in the picture - FULL FORCE!!!.

Tata has completed the hantaran! Horay! Yipee ( the official hantaran decorator!)

Anissa is preparing the wedding cake ( yes the same niece who baked my wedding cupcakes!)

Aisya , Kak Long and Yaya are preparing those yummylicious chocolates. I dah mabuk chocolates k!

Abg Sam and Kak Rozana from Kaseh are still the official family photographer and make-up artist ( Tata, Fiza and Mine )

Pak Ya is also still our official caterrer. ( Cant wait for his ACAR BUAH! )

My hubby ali , being all technical and electricman - is in charge of the PA system. ( i am going to force him to sing!)

Aiman and Azza & Farhan & Mail will be the 'pemegang bunga mangga and payung' yang berjaya!

I think Hadeed is going to recite a poem in Mandarin on that day. [ Good luck! ]

The flower girls and page boys are excited!

BUT THE MOST EXCITED PERSON IS - MY DAD! - my mom is the 'worrier'

Yes the wedding planner is my dad. So imagine the amount of e-mails and meeting and phone calls the family has recieved from him.

( a few empty e-mails due to technical errors by a 71 year old grand dad)

It is going to be a busy month for the whole family.

This weekend is in PJ , next weekend in Banting and the weekend after is at SUNGAI PETANI! - family trip! [ Giesha will be in the pets' hotel for 3 weekends!] problem tho - I need to prepare a SPEECH!




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