Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The power of hallucinations...

I am a huge fan of the Criminal Minds Tv Series.

Now it is season 6.

6 years with them and I have learned alot about human behaviours.

This latest season , episode 19 really taught me the power or hallucinations.

It can kill!

With Friends Like These ....

When a gang of suspected murderers begins targeting a new victim each night, the BAU travels to Portland to head them off before they can strike again.

Turning point happens when the team is discussing the unsub.
They are going over the fact that he brought water and salt at the grocery store.
Reid makes the connection that most schizophrenics, which the team believes the unsub is, believe that they are possessed, and seek an exorcism.
 Water and salt are both used in exorcisms and the team starts looking at churches in the unsub's comfort zone.

Ben. He didn't want to kill.
But his hallucinations of the three people he killed by setting a fire told him to.
They promised that if he did, they would go away.
No matter how much he killed, his hallucinations were always there

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