Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It has been ages since my last entry


that is so not me.

I am so sorry for being away without telling you peeps.

I was under the weather for such a long time.

The docs at PPUM changed my meds 3 times and I went bezerk and so unstable.

Anyway, my baby sister is MARRIED!

So there is a man in her room now!!!


First I would like to show you what my niece Anissa baked,

She is really superb in creating beautiful cakes.

She did my cupcakes wedding tower.

But this time , it was a 3-tier- cake!

We had the reception at TTDI

and these are the Pengapit+Wedding Cake Baker
, Ketua dayang, Dayangs and Panglimas plus the Designated driver.
But then minus Farhan [ MIA ] and Alfina [ 1 month old ] and Arissa [ went back ]
Wacky bunch of teenagers and kids.
My nieces and nephews.

till then...




julia.h said...

omg she's so talented.. the cake is so beutiful! so lucky of u guys.. tk payah susah2 nk tempah kan ;)


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