Thursday, July 12, 2012

So sorry for being tardy.

I think it has been ages since I last updated this blog. Well it is due to some personal problems actually plus medical. I am currently suffering some medication withdrawals. Stammering, tremors, my body temperature is kinda weird because I would have these low grade fever , nausea, headaches that would turn to migraine. Basically - withdrawals. I have been goin to the hospital and clinics. But nothing seems to work. I just have to endure the stammering and tremors ( it drains my energy out! ) in the end I choose not to talk much and sleep. If I am awake I would get exhausted easily because I would try to stop the tremors ( and fails badly ) The best way (at the moment) is to stay home. I can still remember my last visit to the hospital, everyone looked at me. It was really embarrassing. I was fidgeting badly and really looked like a Psycho! I decided to sleep on the couch while waiting for my turn. My parents are really sad. I know because they are trying their best to console me when I try to talk. I would end up crying because I would repeat words and get so tired trying to talk. I had to resort to Send SMS to my dad just to have a conversation. One thing I know, I am going to loose my job if I am not cured soon.



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