Friday, January 6, 2012

[Video] A letter from Mom and Dad.

no doubt i cried.

Last night my dad knocked on my door.

I was getting reading to snuggle in bed with a book.

As I opened the door , he looked at me sadly.

" Please spend time with mummy for awhile. Last night she had nightmares and she felt like she was dying."

I was shocked.

I quickly took my Reader's Digest December 2011 issue.

Mummy had read it.

Each time I buy the monthly magazine, I would give it to my mom.

She will be the first to read the magazine that we both share.

As I peeled open the door,
I saw her in bed with Reader's Digest January 2012 issue
which i had given her when i got back home from work earlier.

She smiled but I knew she was curious.

So there we were , on the bed reading our Reader's Digest.

The reason I brought along the December issue is because ,
 I knew I could discuss some articles with her.

And yes, we did.

An hour went by....

My younger sister knocked the door.

She just got back from work.

So the three of us were laughing and chitchatting

I could see how alive my  mummy was last night.

She misses her daughters.

I wish my elder sister was there too with us.

By 10pm , she slowly said that she had to go to sleep.

I hugged her goodnight.

My dad was watching the tv.

Well he was just changing channels.

I could see that he was lonely too.

and so I ...


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