Thursday, December 29, 2011

[Buku] Buku Fixi?

Okie, I have to admit that I have bought all of their books.

And Cekik by Ridhwan Saidi is my first Fixi book ( currently reading ).

No doubt Cekik is removed from Major Bookstore's shelves due to its 18sx nature,

Click to read a few pages

but I bet I will enjoy reading their other books too.

I had to buy the book Cekik since I love Ridhwan Saidi's 2nd book : Amerika.

Do visit Mr Ridhwan Saidi's blog:

and also


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Anyway, I have been too quite a few of Indie Books Bazaar and the  latest is BOCO 2011.

It was the launching of TABU and KELABU.

I even managed to buy this book :

Sulalatus Salatin  - A book about Sejarah Melayu.

Yesterday I read Harian Metro's article saying that Fixi's PECAH will be a film/movie! 

YIPEE to Fixi!

[ I first got to know this at BOCO 2011 ]

Article 1 & Article 2

I  am still an avid reader -
it is just that
now I am more interested to read Malaysian Indie books by Malaysians!

They are more daring and down to earth.

Seriously they are not hypocrites.

They write the TRUTH or what is REALLY happening among Malaysians that we tend to hide.

Questions about sex , religion , politics which are often a taboo is actually answered here -
 in some of their books , that is.

And yes Fixi -


Me and Miss Oreen!


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