Thursday, November 24, 2011

Predicaments saved by a theatre and a book.

I was in such predicament that i was on leave for 2 weeks.

I had to make really tough choices.

And it all relates to my future.

Imagine, one decision would lead to another choice.

It went on and on and on.

I kept myself in the room.


With that Mr  Migrain brought along Mrs Migraine .

So i was the daughter of Mr and Mrs  Migraine.

My skull felt as if it is gonna burst and explode and crack ..yada yada yada.

Hence last Saturday after feeling a bit better,

I needed to get out of theBOX.

So i went out to watch a theatre - The drive.

Redza  Minhat was acting.

So double yahoooo!!!!

pictures and video are in the previous entry.

On SUnday I was up and about at Bukit Bintang.

I went to Pavilion and bought this awesome book!

About the Book

These days life's pressures seem to get to us at a much earlier age, so why wait until you're older to get motivated?
All About Attitude is for people of all ages to browse through when in need of inspiration and encouragement, to open at random and read a page or two. It encourages the development of positive attitudes, tackling everything from anger, fear and jealousy, to gossip, health and creativity.

About the Author

Julie Davey is a best-selling author, illustrator, speaker and coach, dedicated to encouraging people to focus upon their strengths and reach their true potential. She has inspired thousands of people from 5 to 95 by providing age-old universal truths in simple, profound and colourful resources.

Julie became inspired to produce motivational books for children after reading the works of inspirations authors such as Louise Hay, Richard Bach, Jack Canfield and Dr Wayne Dyer.

Her highly successful positive thinking books are "must-have" resources for educating children about how to make the most of their lives and are used by schools, community groups and individuals throughout Australasia.



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