Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[Siz] A girl stole my coach wristlet!

The agony I faced earlier this evening: 

There were two cashiers at Padini IPC.
I paid my items at the cashier to me right.
There were two girls.
They were friends.
Girl A was on my left waiting for her turn to pay at the cashier on the left.
Girl B was waiting for me to pay.
They were talking loudly to each other.I paid my item via Debit card.
Hence I had to sign a receipt.
The cashier placed the receipt to my right.
So i had to turn 45 degrees to the right.
I accidently hit GIRL B with the ring attached to the pen.
I said sorry to her.
She just smiled and said "it is ok".
Then I left.

Later i realised that I had left my FAVOURITE COACH WRISTLET at the cashier.
I rushed back and asked the Padini cashier.

He said that a girl had already claimed.

I demanded to watch the cctv but I had lodge a police report first.
I went back to the store and met the manager with the police report.
She went to look at the cctv.
She said that while I was signing the receipt,
Girl A placed the items she wanted to purchase on my wristlet and slowly walked away from me.
Then as the cashier was scanning her items,
the cashier wanted to scan my wristlet thinking that it was an item Girl A wanted to purchase.


So the cashier gave it 'back' to her.
( while this was happening, I was already out of the store)
The manager assured me that I will be getting a copy of the cctv footage,
but the girls' faces could not be seen due to the caps!

I went to IPC security and lodge a report.
They said that they will also look into the matter and check their cctv footage.

p/s wonder what would happen tomorrow.



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