Monday, February 27, 2012

[Event] Hujan Acoustic Special Showcase @KLPac 2012

Honestly, I was not a  RAINGER .

Well not until 2 months ago - I think.

Maybe because they are now kinda in tune with my heart.

So after listening to their songs while going to and return from work,
[ bought their Lonely Soldier Boy CD ]

I decided to buy their ticket for Hujan Acoustic Special Showcase @ KLPac.

I thought I was one of the early birds, but I failed to realised that the RAINGERS would have grabbed the MYR48 ticket ASAP!

Alhamdulillah, I  managed to get the MYR63 ticket. So my seat was secured! J04!

It was raining the whole day last Friday [ The mood was set!]

I reached KLPac at about 750pm.

It was yet jammed packed.

To my surprised , I was the FIRST person in line to enter with my MYR63 ticket!
[ they actually recorded my moment ! Hahahaha ]

JIBAM was the MC.

He gave away a few gifts, but we had to answer a simple questions first.

Some received a T-Shirt and some received a pair of Macbeth shoes!

It was funny to see how RAINGERS received their gifts.

Two guys actually exchanged their gift as the shoe size differed from their own.- hahahahahah



I was simply amazed on how he captured the audience and RAINGERS attention!.

He knew exactly what to do to make the show an awesome experience.
[ try reading #hujanakustik in twitter! ]

I went  back home laughing at Mr. Noh's joke about my name.

The show started around 8.30 and ended at 11.30.

A good 3 hour show with 2 - 3-minute-break.

A lot of celebrities were there too among us.

And definitely Mizz Nina was sitting and smiling watching dear hubby performing.

She is so beautiful in real life!

HUJAN was indeed very energetic.

All  band members are very talented indeed.

Watching and listening to them performing changed my perception about them.

I cannot deny that I was a bit influenced by how people around me perceived Hujan's mission and vision.

To cut things short and also to summarise my view of Hujan -


[ their last song for that night - it snowed!]

[Cool Lightings!]

[The Band!]

[Full  House! ]

[Altimet was there!]

[such a sport! Mr Noh walked up and  joined the crowd!]


Anonymous said...

saya tahu awak pergi dengan siapa he he he

SiZ said...

Wah! Sungguh mysterious anonymous ni... Siapa agaknya ya! ;)


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