Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Concert] Yuna 13th Sept DFP

I just had to take her picture. so this is the forbidden picture i managed to take while she was performing.

Guess what i was pne of the first 10 people to queue because i walked as fast as i could.
Most of t he others went straight to buy her albums.

I brought mine along plus my early birthday present. Ipad2!

Yuna signed on the iPad 2 cover. so the OVER kan I nih.

She is definitely down to earth and awesome possum.

Strong energetic voice and a good stage performer.

Seriously. Dewan Filharmonik Petronas is the best place to perform.

No doubt it has only about 800+ seats.

That what makes the place very prestigious

This is Wawa, he manager.

Had to call and SMS her plus Ajin and Milya about my tickets.

They are all sweet.

[Ajin had to since I am his Theatre coach!]

Posing in my Gumi dress... a dress with a hood. I have three of it now.

Met Ms Sharifah Armani there too!

Okie this is my super duper superALi!

He rushed back from work.

It was raining and Alhamdulillah the  journey to KLCC was only 20 minutes from PJ

Mine mine and all mine.

p/s bout the CT scan yesterday, i'd rather not talk about it.


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