Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ms Muna Faizal

The only engineer I'll be in my life would be a home engineer. But before I put any high hopes on becoming one, I went to extend to interview one. And my idol in this department would be my dear friend of 15 years, Ms. Muna! We got to know each other years ago via MIRC. Can't really recall the exact channel. During those days we would meet up at Subang15, a famous hang spot in the 90s and I think it still is. To my surprise, Muna is a close friend of Sherry! I met Sherry during a school break seminar at the age of 16. Hence, not much introduction is needed. We were young and free also was very busy with our college life. Muna went abroad to further her studies and Sherry, she basically was always abroad as she is was one of the flight crew. We lost contact for a few years, the three of us. When friendster was the in thing, we were reunited. And now occasionally we would meet. Muna is a home economist now! And sherry is an entrepenuer! Me? Stuck in the office. Such a mundane life I lead during the weekdays. Hence, I'll try my best to spice up my weekends. Last Saturday, Hubby Ali could not accompany me to the Movie Day Out with AbgNara!. Soo o tweeted about it. Ms Muna dearie tweeted back. A few minutes later she was my girl/lady date! Before the movie, we talked for half an hour then after , we had tea.  To be continued...



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